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Browse NFASP's range of resources, including guidance on areas such as business rates, selecting artists' and health and safety, to case studies on developing artists' studios and facts about the studios sector. Access to the website is free.

Information about the artists' studio sector

UK Studio List: List of studio groups in the UK, 2012

Compiled in October 2012, this list comprises known studio groups in the UK who are not necessarily members of NFASP. We cannot guarantee that all the information is correct due to the challenging nature that the artists’ studio sector faces.

APT Studios in Deptford, London
NFASP National Register of Artists' Studio Groups and Organisations, NFASP report, 2011

This Register gives us a valuable insight into the range and diversity of the artists’ studio movement which from its origins in London a little over forty years ago has spread throughout the United Kingdom.

Bow Arts Trust open studios event
Facts and figures from the NFASP Register, NFASP briefing 2010

A briefing for studio organisations on the statistics about the studios sector drawn from the Register and how NFASP uses this information in its advocacy work.

Olympic Legacy Supplementary Planning Guidance: Consultation Response, NFASP 2011

NFASP response to the Olympic Legacy Supplementary Planning Guidance: Consultation, making the case for affordable artists' studios. 18.11.2011

A register of artists' studio groups and organisations in England, Acme, June 2006

The second edition of Acme Studios' register of artists' studios in Arts Council England regions. It includes statistics from the sector including details on the condition of studio buildings, leases and rent levels in different regions.

Bow Arts Trust in East London
London studios advocacy, Artists' studios in the five Olympic boroughs, NFASP Report 2008

Artists’ Studio Provision in the Host Boroughs: a review of the potential impacts of London’s Olympic project commissioned by NFASP and funded by Arts Council England, London and the London Borough of Newham and produced by David Powell Associates, highlights how studio providers:

Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge
Studio organisations: charitable status and constitutional structures, NFASP report, 2006

This report - by Michael Cubey, 2006 - presents a snapshot of the types of studio groups and organisations the NFASP supports through its membership services.

Space studios
NFASP National Register of Artists' Studio Groups and Organisations, NFASP report, 2008

Published in 2008, the Register records the details of 147 groups and organisations that manage affordable workspace in 270 buildings across the UK, supporting around 6,000 artists.

Chris Marshall in his studio at APT, Deptford
NFASP 2010 Survey of UK Artists’ Studio Groups and Organisations

Key Findings and Conclusions from NFASP's comprehensive survey of artists' studio groups and organisations, started in 2010, and published in 2012.

Dalston Underground's House of Dwyer
London Digest: survey of artists’ studio groups and organisations, Acme/Capital Studios, 2006

The London Digest contains key facts about affordable studios in London taken from A survey of artists’ studio groups and organisations in England, Acme Studios, May 2005.

Castle Vault, Dawn Shorten's Fly Me to the Moon
NFASP Annual Report 2010-2011 & 2011-2012

NFASP's Annual Report - Representing artists' studios - making the case, growing the workspace - can be downloaded and read here. This report shows what NFASP has achieved over the past two years and sets out some of our plans for the future.


Yorkshire Artspace’s eco-designed studios at Manor Oaks in Sheffield
The value of artists' studios, NFASP briefing, 2010

A NFASP briefing to promote the profile of the sector, and the role of the NFASP in representing its interests, as well as highlighting the issues currently facing many studio organisations.