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Education and Outreach

East Street Arts: Working with Hard to Reach Communities

So, you’ve set up your studios and filled them with artists, developed a programme of events, exhibitions or other activities, but where is your audience? How can you engage new people with what you’re doing and

Oldknows studio space
Artists' studios creating public benefit in Nottingham, NFASP case study, 2007

This case study looks at two Nottingham-based studio groups, Oldknows Studio Group and Egerton Studios, both small-scale organisations, voluntarily run and operating as unincorporated groups.

Bow Arts education programme
Education programmes by artists' studios: Bow Arts Trust, NFASP case study, 2009

The Bow Arts Trust's education programme has gained a national reputation for working with and improving the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This case study looks at the development, benefits and financing of the programme as well as specific projects.

Artists’ studios: creating public benefit, Acme/Capital Studios, 2006

Two London case studies of artists' studios creating public benefit: by Susan O’Reilly, Acme and Capital Studios, December 2006. This report provides in-depth information about the public benefit affordable studio providers and their tenant-artists achieve.

Artists’ studios engaging with communities: ACAVA Flying Angel, NFASP case study, March 2010

ACAVA's Flying Angel is part of a mixed-use scheme combining artists' studios and housing for the homeless.