London studios advocacy, Artists' studios in the five Olympic boroughs, NFASP Report 2008

Bow Arts Trust in East London

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Artists’ Studio Provision in the Host Boroughs: a review of the potential impacts of London’s Olympic project commissioned by NFASP and funded by Arts Council England, London and the London Borough of Newham and produced by David Powell Associates, highlights how studio providers:
 - are a key driver in regeneration strategies contributing to the local economy, and the vitality and cultural reputation of the boroughs in which they operate
 - are effective and resilient providers of affordable workspace with over 40 years experience
 - are in great demand as evidenced by growing waiting lists – there are almost 3,000 artists on providers’ lists throughout the Olympic boroughs
 - demonstrate good practice working in partnership with housing providers and local authorities in developing models for medium- and long-term use of light industrial and similar buildings, and as part of new-build mixed-use developments
 - can offer mutual benefit and added value to property owners and public agencies with the certainty of 100% occupancy and activity in well managed workspace for lower income workers.
 - significantly contribute to London’s reputation as one of the world’s leading cities for culture and the creative industries
The study is designed to act as a key advocacy tool to increase recognition of the importance of the affordable studios sector amongst those involved in planning the future of the host boroughs and the wider area post-2012.

NFASP, working in close liaison with Arts Council England, has set up a number of meetings as part of an intensive advocacy strategy with the key agencies to discuss the findings of the report and will continue to raise the issues at the highest level.

Examples of successful studio development models are being provided to assist those involved in master-planning and policy development.
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