NFASP National Register of Artists' Studio Groups and Organisations, NFASP report, 2011

APT Studios in Deptford, London

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This Register gives us a valuable insight into the range and diversity of the artists’ studio movement which from its origins in London a little over forty years ago has spread throughout the United Kingdom. It gathered information from 144 studio organisations providing studios for over 7,500 artists.

The Register provides an invaluable reference source about these groups and the activities they undertake and compliments A Survey of Artists’ Studio Groups and Organisations in the UK 2010 published earlier this year.

The National Federation of Artists’ Studio Providers works with the sector to help ensure that artists can find affordable and appropriate workspace when and where they need it, and in well managed buildings which are fit for purpose and which offer the prospect of some security. It also supports the work of the many studios engaging in a host of different ways with their local communities and the wider public. NFASP does this by harnessing the knowledge and skills of those who have extensive experience of setting up studios, the energy of those now wishing to do so, and the expertise of professional advisors. So it needs your support by joining this growing community, adding your voice and offering your expertise and experience to strengthen the case and ensure a viable future for the sector. Despite the current financial climate artists’ needs to create, and of space to work in, are undiminished.