Auto Italia South East: From Graduate to Revenue Client: A Journey

A performative screening at Auto Italia: It’s Like Staring Someone Out Who’s Not Even Looking at You  by Kate Cooper, Leslie Kulesh and Jess Wiesner

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In this NFASP case study, we look at a model that has production and collaboration at its core, occupying buildings on a temporary basis as the needs of their practice demand to produce, show and discuss work. With some early support from NFASP Auto Italia South East has developed from being a group of recent graduates with a mission to challenge existing models of practice to one of the newest of the Arts Council England’s regularly funded organisations.

AUTO ITALIA SOUTH EAST is an artist-run organisation that commissions and produces new work. Through collaboration with a growing group of artists it provides a framework for developing alternative approaches to practice and exhibition formats that include opportunities for participation and discussion.