Join NFASP - Get Support & Knowledge for your Studio

The National Federation of Artists’ Studio Providers (NFASP) is a charitable membership body representing the interests of those engaged in supporting the research, development and production of art through providing affordable studio space for artists in the UK.
  • Access to specialist advice and key information and resources on setting up and managing studios and access to workshops and training.
  • Peer support for your studio organisation from a wide range of expertise and experience within the sector
  • An opportunity to network locally, regionally and nationally by joining regional networks and attending events throughout the UK
  • A chance to add your voice to a growing sector and support a national body that represents your interests and helps to create innovate ways of developing new studio spaces.

Membership Categories

Access to the website and the NFASP network is free, however If you want to download resources and get tailored one to one advice please become a paid member. Register now.

For artists, others working in the arts, trustees and individuals associated with studio organisations, consultants and other interested professionals.

Provide studio or production space including work/live space for one or more visual artists on a regular basis

For local authorities, housing associations, consultancies, developers, arts bodies or other organisations and agencies.


£25 - £50

£30 - £450

£50 - £100