Our Advisory Service

Our Advisory Service

NFASP provides a national advice and support service to its members and to others interested in developing and managing studios.


We offer advice on a wide range of topics relating to setting up studios for the first time, managing studios and developing new studios.

We match your enquiry or request for support with the best advice we have available through the expertise of our trustees, and others with experience of working within studio organisations.

This advice covers topics such as those below. You can also access Guidance documents on most of these topics in our Resources section by following the links (these are member-only Resources): 

If you are an NFASP member, you can also submit a direct enquiry to members of the  NFASP Advisory Panel.

NFASP works with a number of agencies to provide advice and other services for the benefit of the affordable artists' studios sector. We have a defined working relationship with Acme Studios in London(Memorandum of Understanding) to ensure, through the sharing of knowledge and understanding, that those seeking advice receive the best possible service.


We provide a range of Resources (member-only) to support those that manage affordable workspace, as well as those that wish to establish studios, whether small artists' groups or developers.

We can also sometimes provide support for studio groups and organisations in specific circumstances, for example, where they are facing difficulties in their negotiations with landlords or property developers.


The NFASP undertakes to provide the best advice it can based on the information it receives, but NFASP cannot accept liability arising from reliance on this information. It is for guidance only and should not replace legal or other professional advice.