Exploring the development of creative studios in Jaywick

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Exploring the development of creative studios in Jaywick

Jaywick Space by the Sea project

Jaywick Martello Tower is exploring the potential to establish a creative studios facility in Jaywick – a place where artists and crafts people can be based in affordable studios, and where arts and crafts activity can take place to involve the local community.
The first steps in developing the project are to assess the facilities that would be needed through discussion with artists, crafts people, small creative businesses and local people. After that we need to see whether there is an appropriate building in Jaywick that might be transformed into the proposed creative studios.
To assist with this work Jaywick Martello Tower has appointed ArtReach (www.artreach.biz), a specialist company with considerable experience of delivering feasibility work on creative studios and on taking projects forward to completion.
As part of its work ArtReach may be in contact with local community organisations, artists and small creative businesses. Any help that can be given to assist in helping make this exciting potential project come to life will be much appreciated.
Direct contact can be made with ArtReach via e-mail or telephone:
David Hill – david@artreach.biz 01628 675800
The Jaywick Martello Tower contact is Kerith Ririe – kerith.ririe@essex.gov.uk 01255 822783


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