NFASP member event London: Future Proof


Thursday, November 19, 2009 - 10:30

More than 70 delegates including NFASP trustees and staff attended the  member event at Toynbee Studios, which began with an insight into the work of guest speaker, artist Faisal Abdu'Allah - Artist, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of East London and trustee of SPACE Studios.

Faisal, whose work is concerned with representation, talked about his fascinating delve into the British underworld when he created his installation Goldfinger, which explored masculinity, criminality and the nature of power.

This was followed by an opportunity for members to hear from each other on their own experiences which, judging by the feedback forms, was a particularly valuable part of the day.
Workshops included the following four topics (you can download the workshop reports at the bottom of this page).

Getting the structure right - governance and issues around gaining charitable status. With charity law specialist Sean Egan.
Property issues - setting up and managing studios, leases and landlord negotiations

Engagement - studios and their relationships with their wider communities

Fundraising for studios and their activities
Networking: there was also time and space to network and share information and ideas with studio groups with similar interests, or from your own area or region.
Also on the day:
- An open forum for discussions over lunch on issues proposed by members: Introducing Artelier with Artquest; working with your membership with Chisenhale Art Place; the Olympics and artists' studios with NFASP Trustee, Joanna Hughes, Mother Studios.
- A talk by Amy Walker, Deputy Director of Gasworks and the Triangle Trust on Diversity and Inclusivity in Studio Provision
- The formal NFASP AGM, plus an update from the NFASP on achievements and future plans
- Member consultation, feedback, views and issues, advice sessions and surgeries.
Download the full report and workshop presentations below: