NFASP: Activities & Events

NFASP organises national and regional events for studio groups, organisations and artists, and those with an interest in developing artists' studios. NFASP also holds its annual AGM. In 2012, NFASP has been developing regional networks with initial networking meetings in five regions.

Apr 09 2014

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is seeking an organisation to set up and operate artists' studios at the former Spode Works, Stoke town. The Council has identified suitable space within the complex for the studios and it proposes to lease this space to a suitable organisation for a period of ...[Read More]

Jun 19 2012

Attendees representing or interested in artists' studios from 11 groups/organisations met for the first time at Seco, Royal William Yard on June 19. These are the notes from that meeting.

Representatives from: Cornwall Development Company, Flameworks, Krowji, Rame Barracks, Ocean Studios, ...[Read More]

Mar 30 2012

Nearly 30 people got together at the YMCA in Swansea for the inaugural South Wales Studios Networking meeting on March 30.

The event was a collaboration between NFASP, Welsh Artists Resource Programme (Warp), the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and Elysium Artspace, with attendees coming from ...[Read More]

Mar 22 2012

Over 30 studio groups and individuals representing some 800 artists took part in the Property Matters workshop on 22 March 2012 in London at the NFASP offices.

The workshop, run in partnership with Ethical Property Foundation, started off with the basics and reasons for forming a group and ...[Read More]

NFASP event in Margate at the Turner Contemporary gallery
Mar 08 2012

Over 40 delegates from across the South East of England attended an NFASP networking day for studios on 08 March in Margate. The day was part of a full programme for NFASP as it was followed by a member event and the Annual General Meeting.

The event was organised by Dover Arts Development ...[Read More]

Dec 05 2011

NFASP has begun a programme to set up studio networks across the UK, bringing artists' studio providers together to share intelligence and offer each other support. On 05 December 2011 the first Northern Network meeting convened in Leeds. What follows are notes of that meeting.

The event ...[Read More]

Grand Union Studios
Dec 06 2010

NFASP's inspirational annual event kicked off in Birmingham on 6 December - a platform for discussion and practical advice on how artists' studios and art colleges can foster mutually beneficial relationships to support sustainable studio developments - and create a catalyst for dynamic artist ...[Read More]

Jun 11 2010

NFASP's two events in the North West in collaboration with AXIS saw lively discussions of how artists' studio groups and their individual members can develop a powerful web presence.

The FREE sessions, led by NFASP Director Val Millington and Sheila McGregor, Chief Executive of AXIS, were ...[Read More]

Jun 08 2010

Another successful NFASP workshop event - this time for southern-based artists' studio organisations - highlighted the benefits of and need for more similar-styled, regional events for studio groups. Around 20 artists and administrators, representing a wide range of artists' studio organisations ...[Read More]

Nov 19 2009

More than 70 delegates including NFASP trustees and staff attended the  member event at Toynbee Studios, which began with an insight into the work of guest speaker, artist Faisal Abdu'Allah - Artist, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of East London and trustee of ...[Read More]

Oct 22 2008

The second NFASP conference What’s it worth? The cultural & social value of artists’ workspace took place in Liverpool on 23 October, 2008.

The NFASP conference took place in Liverpool on 22 and 23 October with over 150 representatives attending from across the UK, ...[Read More]

Nov 30 2007

150 delegates from across England attended Gaining Ground, the NFASP’s inaugural conference. Held at Spike Island in Bristol on 30 November 2007, the conference brought together representatives of diverse studio groups and officers from DCMS, Arts Council and local authorities, to take part in a ...[Read More]