The National Federation of Artistsʼ Studio Providers (NFASP) is the professional membership body for all those engaged in developing and managing affordable studios for artists in the UK.

What does NFASP do?

  • Offers practical help and support to member studio groups and providers through a mix of specialist advice, information and resources, tailored workshops and training sessions.
  • Creates opportunities for networking and sharing experience at NFASP conferences, events and regional networks throughout the UK.
  • Campaigns on behalf of the affordable studios sector to secure, improve and increase studio provision and represent studio providers at local and national government levels.
  • Promotes innovative and sustainable ways of developing affordable studio space.

NFASP's membership represents a diverse sector - from small artists' groups to large studio providers managing property portfolios. The 2010 NFASP Survey shows there are 144 studio organisations managing 252 buildings and providing 5,450 studios for 7,250 artists in the UK.

NFASP is now developing regional networks throughout the UK to create effective peer support and sharing of best practice at regional level.

If you are a studio group or provider, artist, developer, local authority or housing association - or anyone with an interest in developing studios for artists - NFASP can offer you advice, guidance and access to resources and networks.


"Thank you for the support you offered and the excellent advice, which has resulted in our staying open at least for another 3 years - the length of the new lease."

Caroline Malone, Chair, Westbury Arts Centre


To find out more about NFASP membership, go to Join.